T214 Discipleship Intensive

Discover the Simple System That Refocuses Your Life on God and His Mission in the World

No frills. No fluff. No spiritual jargon. Just a simple set of repeatable daily disciplines that radically transform and energize your relationship with Jesus, the Bible and others.


Discover your purpose as you become equipped with the spiritual disciplines necessary to walk in humble confidence along the path God has prepared for you.


Discover the power of a discipleship system centered on God and His Word and get access to a step-by-step, proven blueprint for cultivating disciple-making disciples at your church.

How Does the T214 Process Work?

Here are the 4 core tenets of T214 that move you into a deeper relationship with God:


T214 is not for the faint of heart. God’s Word and His mission in this world require much from you. The covenant is a sign of your commitment to spiritual growth and the spiritual growth of the individuals in your group.


God's Word is powerful, profitable and always accomplishes the purposes for which it is sent. Daily Bible reading puts you in the correct place to hear and understand God's Word and plant it deep into your heart. 


Daily communion with God through prayer puts your heart in the right posture toward God. As you learn from His Word, you bend your knee in humble prayer to Him, asking Him to teach you His ways and attune your heart to His.


How is God's Word changing your life, and what kind of impact is that having on you and the world around you? As you meet with your group each month, you grow deeper together through open discussion, honest reflection and intentional prayer.

T214 Beliefs and Values

Here are the beliefs and values that guide everything about T214, both public and private:


To cultivate gospel saturated individuals who are zealous for good works.

T214 values

1. We read, study and share the Word.

We believe that reading, studying and sharing the Word is the foundational component of healthy, maturing believers.

2. We pray daily.

We believe that daily prayer is a natural result of faithful obedience to God and His Word.

3. We communicate effectively.

We believe that effective communication in our relationships nourishes and builds the body of Christ.

4. We fight against passivity.

We believe that our calling to be zealous in good works is shipwrecked by the allure of passivity.

5. We aren’t afraid of getting better.

We believe that sanctification is a lifelong journey of humble improvement in every aspect of our lives.


To be humble in our posture and confident in God's power.

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The T214 Story

It all started with a conversation about how a ministry could look different from its core...

Did you know that nearly half of professing, church-going Christians only read the Bible once per week or less? And an additional 25% only a couple of times per week?


And yet many church ministries focus on events, relationships and short-term studies, unknowingly keeping the majority of their people Biblically illiterate and relationally bankrupt with God.


The unfortunate truth is that most Christians either don’t read the Bible at all, or only read it on Sunday when the preacher tells them to, or sporadically when they believe it what they are “supposed to do”, or when all other options have let them down.


Joshua 1:8a says, "This Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do according to all that is written in it."


But how are you supposed to obey the commands of the Bible when you don't know what they are?


So a few of the men from Exodus Church decided that the foundation of their men's ministry would be different. That it would be decidely founded on daily Bible reading and prayer... and T214 was born.


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Ready to get started with T214?

T214 exists to cultivate gospel saturated individuals who are zealous for good works. Learn More →

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