T214 Discipleship Intensive

Discover the Proven Blueprint for Cultivating Disciple-Making Disciples at Your Church

Experience the power of a field-tested discipleship system focused on developing deep, mobilizing relationships with the One True God of the Bible.

Let's see if this sounds familiar...

You as a pastor struggle daily with seeing spiritual growth in your flock and have great difficulty developing healthy, qualified people to serve faithfully at your church.


  • You want to do more but feel chronically understaffed and overworked.
  • You want to equip more people to do the work of ministry but have a small minority carrying the majority of the burden.
  • You want to develop disciple-making disciples but aren't seeing results from programs and events.
  • You want to see more maturity in your congegration but don't know what to do to put them on that path.
  • You want to lead by example but lack your own foundation of daily spiritual disciplines in Bible reading and prayer.

As such, you feel tired, frustrated and defeated when it comes to your church fulfilling its mission in the world. You wonder what it will take for your people to see and savor Jesus in a life-changing way. You question all the methods that you have tried to get your people to that place. You feel the weight of your own calling and aren't sure of the next right steps in your church and ministry.

But imagine the change in your church when...

Imagine when you and your church family begin to fully experience the glorious joy of a thriving relationship with the One True God of the Bible. Imagine that...


  • You develop the rhythms to grow in your relationship with God, both in breadth and depth.
  • You develop the reflexes to fight against passivity and lean into God and His word.
  • You develop the positive habit of reading, studying and sharing the Word on a consistent basis.
  • You develop a gospel mindset that permeates every area of your life.
  • You develop your purpose as it relates to God’s mission in the world and His will in your life.
  • You develop the Godly character that makes fruit grow more visibly and abundantly in your life.
  • You develop deeper bonds with other believers that encourage, strengthen and affirm your faith and calling.


Imagine what it would be like to faithfully read the Bible and pray to Jesus daily - together. Imagine what it would feel like if it was odd to not read the Word and pray for a day.
Imagine what it would be like to see the powerful, miraculous things that happen because of your church's increased faith, hope and love in the mighty God of the universe.
Can you imagine how life altering and transformative that would be for you and your church family?

The T214 Vision of Results

At the completion of the T214 discipleship intensive, the following will be true of you and your church:

Lives Marked by Joyful Change

You will be a more healthy church family who delights in the Bible, devotes time to prayer and develops Godly disciplines that produce abundant kingdom fruit.

Lives Impacted by Gospel Transformation

You will be a more healthy church family who has been impacted deeply by God's Word and sees a noticeable gospel transformation across all walks of life.

Lives Prepared to Make Disciples

You will be a more healthy church family who has read the Bible and prayed faithfully for an entire year, fully prepared to take the next steps to grow deeper in your relationships with God and others.

Upon completion, you and your people will walk with a greater sense of purpose, equipped with the spiritual disciplines necessary to walk in humble confidence along the path God has laid before you. You will step into the good works God has prepared for your church. You will experience God’s grace, mercy and love in profound, life-altering ways. And, your church will be mobilized to disciple and train other individuals to experience the same.

Ready to take the next steps with T214?

How Does T214 Work?

T214 takes existing Bible reading plans and surrounds them with helpful structures to encourage you to read God's Word and pray daily with those in your group.

Bible Reading Plans for Every Walk of Life

T214 has a variety of different Bible plans that put you on a path to reading Scripture and praying daily with those in your group. From reading the entire Bible chronologically in a year to reading through the New Testament to studying through wisdom literature, T214 meets you where you are at in your walk with Christ and encourages you to grow deeper, stronger roots in Him. Each plan has different reading intensities, meaning you can choose the one that works best in your current season of life.

Daily Prayer with Like-Minded Believers

In 1 Corinthians 8:1, Paul says that while we possess knowledge, knowledge puffs up. At the heart of T214 is the commitment to daily prayer, placing yourself at the feet of Jesus each day to take what you learn from reading the Scriptures and grow in humility towards Him and others, not arrogance. As you pray daily with those in your group, you are reminded that it's much more than just learning about God - it's about developing a thriving relationship with Him.

Monthly Gatherings to Share Life Together

Once per month, your T214 group meets together to discuss what is happening in your life, what you are learning in the Scriptures and how you can pray for one another. As your mind is renewed by the Bible, the way you see yourself and the world changes. The core question then that is answered is "How is God's Word changing me and the way I interact with the world around me?" By unpacking this and more with those in your group, you grow in your relationships with one another and in your affections toward Christ.

How Does This Impact Me?

Your time and energy is spent serving others. That's why T214 comes with premade communication templates to make integrating into your church easy.

✅ Dozens of prewritten email templates

✅ Communication templates for all major plan milestones

✅ Training material for T214 leaders

✅ Detailed process blueprint for successful implementation 

✅ Friendly and reliable support from the T214 team

Ready to take the next steps with T214?

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